Analyse des résultats de l'action Eqdom. S1-2020

Research Paper - Eqdom Results H1-21

At the end of the 1st half of 2021, Eqdom confirms the recovery of its activity by recording a 48.0% increase in its loan production compared to H1-20 to MAD 1,279 Mn.

Morning brief

Morning Brief - october 14th, 2021

Find the main news from the financial and economic markets for the day of october 14th, 2021.


MAD Insights october 14th, 2021

Taking into account $ 88 Mn BAM currency buyback program from local banks this week, the cumulative amount of interventions on the interbank foreign exchange market since last September stands at MAD 6.8 Bn.


Research Paper - SNEP H1-21 Results

At the end of the first two quarters of 2021, SNEP posted revenues up +19.3% and +38.6% respectively. Thus, the half-year turnover settled at MAD 517 Mn, i.e. an increase of +28.0%. This is an achievement rate higher than our initial forecasts, i.e. 55%.


Research Paper - CMT H1-21 Results

After a drop in its revenue of -28% during Q1-21 following the decline in Lead production, CMT managed to recover its activity by +25% in Q2-21. Under these conditions, we note a slight increase in revenue, i.e. +0.6% during H1-21 to MAD 191 Mn.  

Research Report Fixed Income

Semi-annual Fixed Income Market- H1 2021

Despite the increase in the Treasury's financing needs over the past two years as a result of the significant readjustment of fiscal policy, bond rates did not experience any particular pressure during H1-2021.


MAD Insights october 6th, 2021

Following currency buyback operations carried out last week by BAM at the level of the interbank foreign exchange market, the banks' foreign exchange position remains in surplus at more than MAD 3 Bn.


MAD Insights october 1st, 2021

The Euro depreciates this week against the dollar by  -0.04% to 1.1720. This is due to the Fed's “tapering” schedule, i.e. an imminent reduction in its asset purchase program starting in November.  

Auto Hall

Research Paper - Auto Hall H1-21 results

At the end of the first half of 2021, Auto Hall shows a solid recovery of its revenue of 129% to MAD 2,825 Mn. Compared to H1-19, the growth rate is still high at 33.4%.