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Broad coverage at the service of your cross-border activities

Payment Instruments

Payment instruments Partner of your import-export activities, Attijariwafa bank guides you in the choice of the most adapted payment to your activities and your markets.

Our knowledge of the international environment, as well as our large network of subsidiaries and correspondents throughout the world, allow us to guarantee you a quality service, a fast execution, and competitive pricing.

Our Attijari CIB transactional space allows you to carry out and monitor the execution of all your international transactions.

For more informations, contact us

Loubna Derkaoui + 212 47 47 49 51
Instruments de paiement

Financing Mechanisms

Attijariwafa bank offers you a range of mechanisms to accompany your cash flow needs.

For imports, our refinancing solutions, in dirhams or in foreign currencies, allow you to defer your payment terms.

For exports, we accompany the preparation of your orders through pre-financing solutions for your order books. With your actual exports, our solutions allow you to refinance your receivables in dirhams or in foreign currency.

Discounting solutions free of recourse are also available at Attijariwafa bank Europe and Attijari International ban

For more informations, contact us

Loubna Derkaoui + 212 47 47 49 51
Mécanismes de financement

Sureties and International Guarantees

We provide surety, endorsement and international guarantee solutions for your business development. Our payment guarantees will enable you to secure your incoming and outgoing payments and protect you against the default of your counterparty.

As for your international projects, the bank accompanies you from the bidding phase to the final execution, by issuing the administrative sureties necessary for their completion.

For more informations, contact us

Loubna Derkaoui + 212 47 47 49 51
Cautions et garanties internationales

Hedging of Transactions

Allies of your international and pan-African transaction, we ensure the security of payment for all your cross-border transactions through the confirmation of export letters of credit issued by your clients' foreign banks.

Attijariwafa bank also offers you a factoring solution to protect you from the risk of bad debts on your export receivables.

Other risk hedges are also available to secure your foreign exchange, interest rate and raw material transactions.

For more informations, contact us

Loubna Derkaoui + 212 47 47 49 51
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Autorisation RMB

First bank in French-speaking Africa to authorize RMB as a means of payment

Attijariwafa bank launched in 2019 the first dedicated offer in RENMINBI (Chinese currency) thus opening new prospects for the development of trade between China and Africa.

First full GPI Moroccan bank

Attijariwafa bank is the first Moroccan bank that is 100% compliant with the international standard SWIFT gpi (Global Payment Innovation) and this, since January 13, 2020.

Founding member of the international initiative of SANTANDER TRADE CLUB ALLIANCES

The Club offers its members, through a digital platform, access to 60 countries and 65% of the international trade corridors.

Accompaniment of corporations for the development of their business flows in Africa

Wide geographical coverage with a presence in 15 countries on the African continent, enabling us to provide our clients with excellent support: networking, B to B, prospecting missions, etc.