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Effective responses to cash flow issues

Remote Banking

At the service of a management your accounts, our remote banking solutions allow you to carry out and monitor your domestic and international operations.

Our portal of electronic management of your Attijari CIB accounts offers via single portal access to account and archive browsing functionalities, from unit and mass transactions, market transactions and custody transactions of assets, etc.

International banking exchange protocols (EBICS, SwiftNEt) are also available. They interface with your company's information systems.

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Banque à distance

Management of Payments and Receipts

Partner of your digital transformation, we provide you with solutions of dematerialized, secure and multi-channel payments and receipts. .

Guarantors of the control and follow-up of your recurring operations, our solutions allow the payment of mass salaries and suppliers, your mass sampling, but also the payment of your bills and taxes.

Designed to speed up collection of your cheques and bills, our tools favor digitalized processes.

Our teams accompany you in the study of your needs and the diversification of your receipt and payment channels.

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Gestion des paiements et des encaissements

Payment Cards

As an essential means of payment, our bank cards accompany all of your company's uses in the following areas daily.

Attijariwafa bank offers you a wide range of bank cards for your payments in dirhams and foreign currencies.

Intended to accommodate a salary, travel expenses, allowances or a fuel bonus, our prepaid cards that can be reloaded individually or in bulk meet your needs and those of your employees.

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Monétique entreprise

Cash Flow Optimization

Attijariwafa bank accompanies you in the optimization of your cash flow. At the frequency of your choice, our solutions of cash pooling allow you to consolidate on a single account all your financial flows, at the scale of your company or your group, including the accounts of your subsidiaries.

At your points of sale, the intelligent safe deposit box secures your physical receipts and speeds up their credit to your account, while optimizing your cash collection costs.

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Optimisation de trésorerie

Consulting in Cash Management and Payments

In an ever-changing competitive environment, optimal cash management and control of financial flows have become essential. Attijariwafa bank accompanies your financial, commercial, and human resources departments for the study of your needs of digitalization of your financial processes.

Our teams of Cash experts Management will advise you in the choice of tools and exchange protocols with your bank on a daily basis and in the diversification of your collection and payment channels via adapted solutions.

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Conseil en cash management et paiements


Paiements vignettes Attijariwafa bank

For the 4th consecutive year, more than one vignette out of three paid via the networks of the Attijariwawfa bank group.

Thanks to the network of the Attijariwafa bank group and its subsidiary Wafacash which has more than 3,000 branches as well as the proximity network affiliated to the Fawatir brand which has more than 2,160 points of sale, the Group has collected more than one vignette out of three.

First collector of payments from the Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes in Morocco

Through its network of bank branches and its electronic platforms AttijariCIB and Attijari Entreprises, Attijariwafa bank collects more than 50% of the taxes and customs fees paid by companies via the banking networks.

Leader in the dematerialized processing of receipts and payment flows

Through a wide range of digital solutions, the Cash Management and Payment teams support the majority of major corporations and finance companies in Morocco in their approach to dematerializing flows.