Sub-saharian Africa Economies : What behavior toward the pandemic shock ?

Attijariwafa bank CIB Perspectives on the Sub-saharian Africa Economies’ behavior toward the Covid-19 shock.

Crise de dette en Afrique

Africa charts a course out of the debt crisis

The pandemic has put a spotlight on the continent’s fragile economy, but there is a path forward to help vulnerable countries climb out of a debt pit.

Sub saharan Africa economies

Sub saharan Africa economies : What behavior toward covid shock

We had three reasons to believe that the SSA economies would be rather resilient facing the Covid-19 pandemic. We were referring to a foreseeable natural immunity of the Region citizens, to a pressure on the authorities to ease the barrier measures as well as to a limited exposure of SSA’s countries to the tourism sector. 


CIB Meetings : «African Economies Facing Covid-19: State of play and perspectives of six Countries in three regions of Africa»

The Attijariwafa bank group’s Corporate and Investment Banking held a first webinar of its Digital CIB Meetings cycle under the theme: «African Economies Facing Covid-19: State of Play and Perspectives of Six Countries in Three Regions of Africa». [...]

Best of CIB Meetings : African economies facing Covid-19

State of play and perspectives of six countries in three regions of Africa.

Paiement mobile pour les entreprises marocaines

Attijariwafa bank launches mobile payment for Moroccan companies

Casablanca, June 22, 2020 - In a context of health crisis, new consumer trends are emerging. The use of digital technology and particularly electronic means of payment is accelerating. Mobile payment is becoming an alternative to the use of cash, guaranteeing instantaneity and security.

Attijariwafa bank aidé ménages covid-19

Attijariwafa bank supports aid distribution to households affected by the COVID-19 health and economic crisis

Casablanca, April 5, 2020 - As part of the temporary support operation for Ramedist households operating in the informal sector for which the Pandemic Management Fund of COVID-19 will provide financial aid, Attijariwafa bank opens its 1700 ATMs for the withdrawal of their aid.