How to originate a unit transfer (as a single-user)?

Cash management service - transaction option, allows you to originate online transfers to Attijariwafa bank or fellow bank accounts. To benefit from this service, we invite you to activate the option "transactions" at your agency or Business Center. 

To initiate your transactions you just have to:

  • go to the "Cash Management" section;
  • select the "Unit Transfer" service;
  • select the "Make a transfer" option;
  • select the sender account;
  • select or add a beneficiary;
  • check the mode of your transfer:
  1. Simple: Transfer to be executed the same day.
  2. Deferred: Transfer to be executed on a desired date.
  • Fill in the information of your transaction (amount, reason...);
  • confirm your operation.

Available options:

  1. Schedule a transfer with the possibility to cancel it before its execution (only for deferred).
  2. Set up a standing order with the possibility to cancel it before its execution.
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