How to add a transfer beneficiary?

To make a transfer, you must first declare the beneficiary and register their data. You can add a beneficiary for your transfer operations,  

1) By going to the "Beneficiary management" section. you just have to: 

  • go to the "Cash Management" section;
  • select the "Transfer" service;
  • select the "Beneficiary Management" option;
  • select ""Add beneficiaries"". Two choices are possible:

a) Unit addition: 

Fill in the information of your beneficiary manually via the option "New beneficiaries":

  • the name of your beneficiary ;
  • the RIB of your beneficiary ;
  • assign your beneficiary to one or two previously created categories.

b) Mass addition of beneficiaries:

To add several beneficiaries at the same time it is advisable to upload a previously created file (CSV format) via the option "Import a file". 

  • Confirm the operation by filling in the code received by SMS on the phone number declared when subscribing to your contract.

2) when initiating your transfer (in case the originator is a platform administrator):

  • after selecting the sender account, click on "Add Beneficiaries";
  • fill in the details of your beneficiary;
  • register your beneficiary;
  • continue your transfer operation as explained above;

Once this procedure has been completed, your new beneficiary is registered, and you can select them from the list of beneficiaries for fututre transfers.

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