Research Paper-IAM H1-21

Unsurprisingly, Maroc Telecom's half-year achievements are down compared to 2020. On the basis of annual achievement rates, we have slightly revised our forecasts for the FY 2021.

 Listed companies results Q1-21

Listed companies results Q1-21

At the end of this 1st quarter of 2021, marked by a relatively better economic context than that of 2020, investors closely followed the release of listed companies'operational results. 


Research Paper - Taqa Morocco Q1-21 results

An increase in activity, driven by power costs. At the end of Q1-21, TAQA Morocco recorded a consolidated revenue of MAD 1,912 Mn against MAD 1,883 Mn a year earlier, i.e. an increase of 1.5%.

Total Outre Mer

Research Paper - Total Maroc 2020 Results

Commercial achievements in line with our initial expectations. Total Maroc's operational achievements in 2020 are in line with our forecasts (Cf. Start 2021 under the cash-conversion perspective). 

Maroc Telecom

Research Paper- IAM Q1-21

Despite the decline in Maroc Telecom's 2021 quarterly results, they remain in line with our annual growth forecasts.


2020 Annual - Listed companies Results

The financial results of listed companies in 2020 stand out without major surprises for investors. As proof, the low levels of liquidity and volatility which marked the period of the annual release.

Auto Hall

Research Paper - Auto Hall 2020 Results

For the FY 2020, Auto Hall’s revenue stands at MAD 3,948 Mn, down -10.8% against an AGR estimate of -21.5%. At the origin of this outperformance, the good momentum of the DFSK and OPEL brands, whose sales increased by 66% and 44% respectively in 2020.

Marsa Maroc

Research Paper - Marsa Maroc 2020 Results

In 2020, Marsa Maroc recorded a much-awaited drop in its results within a context marked by a significant slowdown in port activity on a global scale. 


Research Paper - SNEP 2020 Results

For the FY 2020, SNEP shows a limited decline in its revenue, i.e. -2.9% to MAD 917 Mn in line with our estimate of MAD 914 Mn (Cf. Start the year 2021 under the cash-conversion perspective).