Listed companies results Q2-22

In a context highlighted by record inflation levels both in Morocco and abroad, listed companies continue to post a sustained growth in their revenue during Q2-22.


Research Paper- IAM Recommandation

The release of Maroc Telecom 2022 mid-term achievements occurs in a context which it is not very favourable to revenue growth.


Listed companies results Q1-22

At the end of this 1st quarter of 2022, 66 listed companies representing more than 99% of the mar-ket capitalization published their quarterly indicators.

Equity april

Listed companies-2021 Results

During FY 2021, listed companies annual results were relatively expected by investors, after a less favorable year 2020 marked by the negative repercussions of the health crisis.

Analyse des résultats de l'action Label Vie

Research Paper - LBV 2021 Results

After a decline of -1.0% in H1-21, Label Vie recorded an important recovery in its activity in H2-21 of +14.2%. In this context, the Group's consolidated revenue rose by +6.8% in 2021 to MAD 11,758 Mn.

Results of listed companies Q4-21

Results of listed companies Q4-21

In a context marked by a growth of the Moroccan economy of +4.9% in Q4-21 against a decline of -6.0% during the same quarter of the previous year, listed companies continue to improve their results .

Equity December

Listed companies results Q3-21

The operational achievements of listed companies in the third quarter of 2021 took place in a favorable economic and stock market context.


Research Report - SNEP 2021

Our interest in SNEP stock comes in an unprecedented international context marked by the sustainability of PVC prices at profitable levels rarely observed. During the last three quarters, the price of this product has remained above 1,700 $/T against less than 1,000 $/T historically.

Analyse des résultats de l'action Eqdom. S1-2020

Research Paper - Eqdom Results H1-21

At the end of the 1st half of 2021, Eqdom confirms the recovery of its activity by recording a 48.0% increase in its loan production compared to H1-20 to MAD 1,279 Mn.