Wafa Gestion

Wafa Gestion in the Top 5 of the largest asset managers in the MENA region

With $14.4 billion in assets under management as of end 2020, Wafa Gestion has just been ranked fifth in Forbes' international ranking of the largest asset managers in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Green infrastructure

Attijariwafa bank, a key regional player in the development of green infrastructure in Africa takes part to the Africa CEO Forum webinar.

Crise de dette en Afrique

Africa charts a course out of the debt crisis

The pandemic has put a spotlight on the continent’s fragile economy, but there is a path forward to help vulnerable countries climb out of a debt pit.

Sub saharan Africa economies

Sub saharan Africa economies : What behavior toward covid shock

We had three reasons to believe that the SSA(1) economies would be rather resilient facing the Covid-19 pandemic. We were referring to a foreseeable natural immunity of the Region citizens, to a pressure on the authorities to ease the barrier measures as well as to a limited exposure of SSA(1)’s countries to the tourism sector. 


Ordinary balance posting a deficit in 2021 when will we see a return to balance

In a context of an economic shock, the ordinary balance in Morocco would go into negative territory for the first time since the 2012-2013 crisis with a deficit of MAD -15 Bn according to the 2020 AFA.


Africa Report : State of play and prospects of African economies

Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, African countries reacted differently. Their approach took into consideration, of course, the level of contamination, but also the economic priorities and the leeway available to each country. As a result, the economic impacts contrast from one country to another. [...]

Bank Al Maghrib

Moroccan central bank : An accommodative policy to support a sluggish economy

The national economy is now facing an unprecedented situation marked by a double shock of supply and demand. This is due to the lockdown measures adopted both in Morocco and in most of its trading partners. In response to this challenging context, Bank Al-Maghrib has started a new era of monetary policy since mid-March 2020. [...]

Widening of MAD fluctuation bands : trust accumulation

Widening of MAD fluctuation bands : trust accumulation

After Bank Al-Maghrib’s opinion, the Ministry of Finance decided to proceed, starting Monday March 9th 2020, to a widening of the dirham’s fluctuation band from ± 2.5% to ± 5% compared to a central rate set by Bank Al-Maghrib at 60% EUR and 40% USD basket. 

Cameroon 2020 Finance Act Draft

Cameroon, 2020 Finance Act Draft : Confirmed status of a model student in the CEMAC class

Overall assessment of the 2019 Cameroonian economy and analysis of the main elements that characterize the 2020 Financial Act Draft.